Local Publications Index

The Local Publications Index provides a searchable online index to older Tulsa area publications housed at the Central Library. The publications are not available for check out nor can they be sent to a branch library, but photocopies can be made and routed to a customer's branch library.

The Local Publication Index includes older publications from the Tulsa and Oklahoma area that are no longer published and only issues that are available at the library.

The articles and photographs in these publications cover a wide range of subjects, including Armon H. Bost, the Junior Baseball League, Union Depot, Hyechka Club, the Park-O-Meter, and W. G. Skelly.


The following publications have been entered into the database:

We are in the process of adding these publications:

For any questions regarding the Local Publications Index or to obtain copies of the articles, please contact the library at 596.7977 or via email at .

For access to other Oklahoma publication archives, visit The Oklahoma Periodicals Index or the Oklahoma Today Online Archive.

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